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DarceCraft is an active Minecraft community founded in 2011 that operates a survival server. Join today: play.darcecraft.com

DarceCraft Minecraft server

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All Hail Our New Mod...

Posted by wanderingnearby - Oct 06 2015 01:37 AM



It's about time we got around to promoting him.

Evavi Saved The World

Posted by kyle_mcmanus - Aug 29 2015 01:52 PM

Wonderful news everyone! Superstar Evavi has taken the time to locate and eliminate all those horrible crash zones in the game. Now we can finally leave our homes in comfort, without the worry of these invisible death traps that plagued the land. Today I'm promoting Evavi to official queen of Darcecraft, in reward for her efforts. You may only address her as "your highness" from now on. This is a big step in the right direction for Darcecraft! Rejoice!!

Two Become One

Posted by redditriots - Jun 01 2015 03:19 PM

I, redditriots, am pleased to inform the members of Darcecraft that we have had two members become joined as one.


Congradulations to Wanderingnearby and D0re on their recent wedding. I traveled from North Carolina to Texas to be D0re's best man.

I have included a picture of us on the Day of the wedding.


So let me be the first to present Mr. and Mrs. Dore and Wanderingnearby Awesomeness.


Congrats to the both of you.


(In order from left to right: Wanderingnearby, D0re, and redditriots)