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I piss people off even when i'm not around. i don't know what i'm doing wrong. I haven't seen a friend in a while and when i try to talk to him he just ignores me. If i comitted suicide no one would care, i'll bet you that.
Yesterday, 09:31 PM
Do you wanna be an Admin? check out my song in Forums
13 Apr 2014
Well I can't get one because of an issue loading a player head at spawn :(
12 Apr 2014
Seems that I cannot log into darce without crashing..hmm I guess I'll take a break for a bit.
11 Apr 2014
New VIP :D
10 Apr 2014

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Darcecraft Tv March

Posted by Wes_Moula - Apr 05 2014 07:14 PM

Sorry for the late update but here it is.



get your builds in here: http://darcecraft.co...-build-entries/

Oh My!

Posted by kyle_mcmanus - Apr 01 2014 05:20 PM

Theres a new sheriff in town, a new moose loose aboot the hoose. May he guide us all in our quests for greatness. May he push us further in to the bright future with considerable force. You heard it here first...


LOCUTUS THE MOD is officially official.



PS. in response to the villager invasion, I hereby promote everyone with a pink villager cloak to a full time ADMIN forever.

Darcecraft Tv February

Posted by Wes_Moula - Mar 01 2014 04:00 AM

Here's the next monthly news, the shortened month had us scrambling but we managed to get it in just in time, hope its tasty!



Send in your builds here: http://darcecraft.co...-entries-march/