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DarceCraft is an active Minecraft community founded in 2011 that operates a survival server. Join today: play.darcecraft.com

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Christmas Wishes Do Come True. Darcecraft 4 On Wednesday 6Pm!

Posted by kyle_mcmanus - Dec 07 2014 12:47 PM

The new minecraft map is ready for you! Heres what to expect...


- Fresh world to live in

- New Biomes

- New Blocks

- Big Trees

- Hidden treasure

- NPC Shops

- Dragons

- Casino

- Jumping Puzzles

- Castles

- Windmills

- Penguins and Igloos

- Milk and Cookies

- Spongebobs House

- A huge skeleton

- Mermaids

- Skyscrapers

- Snakes

- A Secret Kingdom

- Horse Racing Track

- Blossom


- Rainbows

- Giant Frogs

- Peppermint Rain

- Vampires

- Water

- Fireworks

- Lots of pretty Flowers

- And the list goes on...


Big thanks to everyone that contributed in the huge project. Some outstanding work! 


Aswell, some new admins: X_Locutus_X and wanderingnearby

For all their help and support, well deserved.


The time is now. Be there and be square.

Survival 4.0

Posted by Wes_Moula - Sep 29 2014 03:32 AM

From the guys that brought you survival 1, 2, and 3 comes a brand new chapter to the saga. The project, spearheaded by kyle_mcmanus, that started over 6 months ago is finally finished.



Release date TBD

Server Changes And The New Eula

Posted by act4 - Jul 29 2014 08:43 PM

Hey everyone, 


After a very productive admin meeting we have decided to close down our hub system and go back to having a single survival server.


The new Minecraft EULA coming into effect on August 1st will prevent us selling ranks as we do now, so it is no longer feasible to run many servers. In addition, player counts have been falling so we feel it will be better to group everyone together into one server. With this in mind, shortly after August 1st all servers except for survival will be closed, and play.darcecraft.com will go directly to survival. 


If you have already purchased a rank it will not be removed, however after August 1st you will no longer be able to upgrade or buy a rank if you haven't already. If you would like to buy a rank, this is the last chance! Use the code DUVER for 75% off in the store


Thanks, and let us know if you have any questions!