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Living the free lyfe.
Yesterday, 03:57 AM
My cat keeps scaring me by jumping from the depths of hell at me and I live in constant fear.
Yesterday, 03:03 AM
minecraft got updated?!?!?!?!?!
21 Jul 2014
what minecraft update version does darcecraft need?
21 Jul 2014
Chillin in emoville
20 Jul 2014

DarceCraft is an active Minecraft community founded in 2011 that now operates several public servers! Join any of our servers easily from the DarceCraft hub: play.darcecraft.com

DarceCraft Minecraft server

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Cassiecup And Haphak

Posted by kyle_mcmanus - Jun 26 2014 03:37 PM

Today id like to announce... 


As they fell from the skies they looked deep in to my eyes.

And what i saw, never seen before, the potential in these guys.


NEW ADMIN, CassieCup



PS. dont forget to wish cassie a happy birthday!






Darcecraft Tv April

Posted by Wes_Moula - May 06 2014 03:24 PM

Sorry guys won't be doing a monthly recap for May just don't have the time right now and there's not a lot going on the server at the moment either so it's hard to come up with news. Feel free to continue working on your submissions until the end of June



Get your builds in here: http://darcecraft.co...-entries-april/

Darcecraft Tv March

Posted by Wes_Moula - Apr 05 2014 07:14 PM

Sorry for the late update but here it is.



get your builds in here: http://darcecraft.co...-build-entries/