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Two Become One

Posted by redditriots - Jun 01 2015 03:19 PM

I, redditriots, am pleased to inform the members of Darcecraft that we have had two members become joined as one.


Congradulations to Wanderingnearby and D0re on their recent wedding. I traveled from North Carolina to Texas to be D0re's best man.

I have included a picture of us on the Day of the wedding.


So let me be the first to present Mr. and Mrs. Dore and Wanderingnearby Awesomeness.


Congrats to the both of you.


(In order from left to right: Wanderingnearby, D0re, and redditriots)

Staff Rangers Unite

Posted by kyle_mcmanus - Apr 09 2015 10:53 PM

its been a long hwile since weve had any announcement action so...


three new additions to the staff rangers: kdkix, gramos, evavi

Dont Change Your Name Yet

Posted by kyle_mcmanus - Feb 04 2015 12:50 PM

It is now possible to change your minecraft name through mojang. Heres what you should consider, based on my knowledge:


The darcecraft server which runs on non-mojang server plugins may not be prepared for this.

When you change your name you will become someone else.

You will lose access to your homes, chests, doors.

The admins who control protections have no reason to believe you are who you say

Add your new name to your old house and chests before you change.

Remove your old name from your old house and chests, because anyone else can become you very easily.


If ive gotten my facts wrong feel free to help me out.


Name changes are cool and dangerous, be careful be safe. Dont do an emoskiez.